August 27, 2012

More Busy Summer Photos

We've been getting in as much fun time this summer as we can... I haven't had much time for pattern designing, but I have been working on projects like crazy to try and get everything finished before Baby arrives (in approximately 5 weeks or less).  

Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge

Sasqauatch Knitting Party that a Friend and I hosted...
A LOT of fun.
Baby Gift for a Friend


August 4, 2012

Playtime Ideas

My little girl likes to sit with me and pretend she's putting on make-up when I do, so I saved some old compacts, scraped out the makeup, and put a coat of acrylic paint on the inside.
I thought she'd feel like she has the fancy stuff.  Too bad she noticed I scraped all the old crusty make-up out. Apparently she liked that part...