July 7, 2012

Busy Summer

We've been enjoying a busy June and beginning of July. Busy - not like the swamped feeling of too much to do, but the feeling of trying to get the most out of the time that one possibly can.  We've been taking lots of trips to parks, lakes, the wading pool... and the craft store.  There happen to be a lot of babies on the way this year - how exciting! - and that means a lot of knitting and crocheting for me.  I love it.

Dam near St. Cloud State University, Mississippi River
(The water is very high this year.)

Knitting More... Crocheting Some
(Hat is From Norway with Love by Pickles)

Adventures at the Lake

Munsinger Gardens, St. Cloud Minnesota

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heather said...

I love the colors of the hat from the blog you posted from! <3 too bad i can't knit! :X