November 2, 2012

It's a Boy! and "I Love You" Hearts

Our little boy was born in October.

Baby sweater I knit early this fall.  It turns out the blue striping paid off, considering we had a boy.

"I Love You" hearts that I made for our little girl to carry in her pocket while we were away having a baby at the hospital.  I left an envelope of these at home for the Grandmas to hand out at their discretion.

I used fabric scraps, quilt batting scraps, and roughly sewed them with just a needle and thread.  Each heart is only about the size of a quarter.

I hope you're enjoying what is left of the fall weather. 
Me, I'm dreaming of Christmas lights and gingerbread cookies already - which is not a normal thing for me, but is something that I'm ok with. 

1 comment:

heather said...

what were the hearts for exactly? I love the sweater you knit him, i'd like to start getting into knitting again. Although I do enjoy crocheting knitting has such a better look with different things. Enjoy your new little boy! He looks splendid! I wish I could meet him!