April 3, 2013

Early Morning Fingerless Mitts

As promised, here is my first knitting design. I said months ago that I'd be posting it "soon."  I guess "soon" is relative...

Early Morning Fingerless Mitts
By Erica Knudson
Early Morning Fingerless Mitts
By Erica Knudson


I designed these mitts over a few early mornings after my son was born. They are a simple, stockinette, fingerless pair that can really show off the patterns in a variegated yarn. They are a size Women’s Medium, but made in stockinette and without fingers, they should fit a variety of sizes.


150 yards worsted weight yarn (photo here in Cascade Paints)
Size 4mm DPNs
Stitch Markers
Waste yarn for holding stitches

Instructions (from the bottom up):

Cast on 40 sts, divide among three or four needles (your preference) and join, without twisting, in the round. If you prefer to use a stitch marker to mark the end of the round, place it here and move it up with each row.


Work k2, p2 ribbing for 12 rounds. – 40 sts

Next row; work k2, p2 until 1 st from the end. Slip purlwise onto the R needle, (remove the end-of-round marker) replace purl st on L needle, and k2tog. – 39 sts

Knit 7 sts, *k2tog, k6* until the end of the row. – 35 sts

Knit in stockinette stitch until the piece measures 6 inches (about 27 rounds of stockinette). – 35 sts each row

Thumb Gusset:

Knit until 1 st remains, pm, cast on one, pm, k1. – 35 sts and 1 st between markers

Knit one round even.

***Knit to next marker, sm, M1, knit to next marker, M1, sm, k1. (The first time you do this, you will end with 3 sts between markers). Then, knit 2 rounds even.

Repeat from *** until you have 15 sts between markers. (I did not do the 2 even rounds after that.)


Knit around once, placing the 15 thumb gusset sts (those between the markers) on to the waste yarn or stitch holder.

Knit even for 10 rounds.

Next row; k2, kfb, *k7, kfb. Work from * until the end of the row to end with 40 sts.

Work k2, p2 ribbing for 7 rounds (maybe longer if the wearer has long fingers).

Bind off loosely in pattern.


Transfer the 15 sts from the waste yarn onto 3 needles. Join new yarn in-the-round and pick up 4 sts along the gaps. – 19 sts

Knit one round even until 2 sts remain, k2tog. – 18 sts

Knit 3 rounds in ribbing; k2, p2 until last 2 sts of round, k1, p1.

Bind off loosely in pattern.

Weave in ends, using thumb ends to reinforce the sts around the thumb. Block if desired.

The second mitt is made identically.


k = knit
k2tog = knit 2 together, a method of decreasing
kfb= knit front & back, a method of increasing
L = left
M1 = make one stitch, a method of increasing
p = purl
pm = place marker
R= right
sm = slip marker
St, sts = stitch, stitches


Lisa said...

Erica, I just finished on of these mitts - it was the first project I ever knitted on dpns! (after knitting on and off for many years). After the initial hardships of getting used to maneuvering all the needles, I enjoyed it. I like this pattern, and thank you for sharing it.

FrancesandtheBee said...

Glad to hear it! (I finally learned how to reply here... sorry that it took SO LONG)

Beverly Bambury said...

I just finished my first one. Good, basic pattern. The mitts look cute. Thank you!

Tiffany said...

Just finished a pair and I'm so pleased. The pattern is simple, easy to follow, and looks beautiful. Perfect for gifts!