September 16, 2013

"Recycled Crayons"

We made some new crayons using old crayons, thanks to the help of this blog post at Lil Blue Boo:

We had WAY more broken and unwrapped crayons than I thought.  For this entire project, I only used about half of what I ended up with here.

These silicone ice cube trays come in fun shapes and can be found for only $1! I also put foil underneath on the cookie sheet since it was one of my "good" ones. Don't forget to preheat the oven. I used the lowest setting on mine, which was "warm".

Little Miss R just had to peel more wrappers off. It was good help since she really wanted pink crayons.

I used a sharp knife and carefully cut the crayons into very small pieces. I think next time I try slightly larger pieces to see how the finished product looks.  They key, either way I think, is to put colors together that can go together.  Too many colors = brown crayons. Also, the washable ones leave a white wax on the top of each crayon, so I tried to mix washable with regular.

I tried to heap a pile in each spot, but in the end I could have used even more.  They really melt down, so pile it in there!

I checked on these often and left them in the oven until I couldn't see any more un-melted chunks. Once they were all liquid, I SLOWLY put the cookie sheet on  cooling rack until they were...

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