November 17, 2013

Projects Lately...

I found some ribbon on clearance (WAY on clearance), so I thought it would be fun to try and make some hair bows for my little girl.  It was fun!  A quick project is really nice sometimes. So, now I've bought actual clips, hot glue sticks, and a few more yards of ribbon.  After I look up how to make more bows online, I'll be making more!
After spinning a load of llama roving during the last year, I made this purse for a friend of mine who loves llamas.  It was the first time I sewed in a zipper, which was scary, but it turned out great!  I also put it a lining and was happy with the overall results...

This is sort of a side note, but for a long time, I've really wanted to prepare lobsters - starting with live ones!  It was a LOT of fun with some of our best friends. Here are the poor lobsters we proceeded to eat - yum!

In memory of the lobsters, I put a tribute on top of the apple pie I made for dessert.
I'm working on some crocheted cowls right now and hope to share a pattern or two soon.  Think - one skein...chunky yarn...big project for Christmas gifts!

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